5 reasons you are still fat (Part 1)

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“I work so hard, so why am I still fat?” “My diet is awesome, I don’t understand why I am still fat?!” I have heard all kinds of questions like these in my career and while most people are sincere and really believe they are doing the right things the right way, what I have learned pretty quickly is that they are not.

Why are you still fat? Below are some of the many reasons you might still be fat.

1. You simply don’t work hard enough. Whether this is how frequently, you get in the gym, how long the workout your doing is, or how hard you work while you are training…if you don’t work hard enough, you simply wont lose the weight and fat that you want. If you think you are working hard enough, you probably are not. This is a tough one for most people to swallow, because if you ask someone that is on a training or workout program, they probably really believe that they are working hard. Working hard and working hard enough are two different things. Think about that for a minute. Even if you believe that you work plenty hard enough, you probably are not. People are always surprised when they first train with me at how hard I work them. They always though they were working very hard until they see what real hard work looks and feels like.

        2.  Inconsistency. Getting in a workout ‘here and there’ wont do it either. Consistency is king when it comes to real and long-term change. Most people treat their fitness plans like hobbies, meaning they will only commit to doing them when they are free and feel like it. This too, wont get it done. If you really want to shed the pounds, you MUST be consistent and by that I mean, you don’t miss workouts. If your plan calls for you to be in the gym 3 days a week, and do other workouts on your own for the other 2 or 3 days, than that is what you need to do and you need to do it over and over and over again. More often than not other things come up that seem to be more important. Whether they are or not is not for me to decide. What I do know, however, is that if change is really important to you, than you will always find the time and a way to get done what needs to be done and you will do so week in and week out…no more excuses, no more missed training sessions.

        3. Your diet sucks. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me that their diet is good, or that they “eat really well.” More times than not, after a few minutes of interrogation, I find out pretty fast that your diet isn’t close to good and although it might seem like a good diet, it isn’t! If you still haven’t lost the weight you want or need to, and you feel that you work hard and you have been consistent, check your diet. Even if you really believe it is a good diet plan, chances are, it isn’t. People have been fooled into believing that by following diet “a” or diet “b”, they will lose huge amounts of weight and be good to go. The real answer is that most “diets” don’t work, and those that do, never work long term. Its probably better to forget the word diet and start following an eating plan.Another issue is that people “cheat” way too much. Weekends are the devil for many people. Just because it is a Friday or Saturday, doesn’t mean you have a free pass to eat and drink. Some people think that two “bad” days won’t mean much. They will.

          4. Your training program sucks. Too many people are still stuck on the notion that walking on the treadmill everyday or jogging a few slow miles is going to be the answer for their fat loss. Although any form of exercise is good, if you are really interested in burning fat and doing it as fast as you can for long term results, you need to change the way you workout. Resistance work is a must in any fat loss program. Also, it has been proven over and over again that high intensity interval type training (HIIT) is a much better than traditional “cardio” for fat loss. You need to incorporate both heavier resistance training and high intensity cardio training to see real results. A few things to consider:

          If you are really trying to lose weight, stop sitting down. Do all of your exercises on your feet. Try full body, compound exercises that work more than one body part at the same time. Finally, do not be afraid to pick up some heavy weight. Go out of your comfort zone, lift heavier weights and watch the fat start to come off of that body.

          5. You are not getting enough sleep. This is another big problem for many people. Lack of sleep can play all kinds of bad games with your body, specifically your hormones. When your hormones are not regulated and working properly, fat loss can be hard to achieve. Rest is essential and having good nights sleep day in and day out is necessary for good results. Go to bed earlier and don’t forget the importance of naps if you can.

            Of course, there are many more reasons that might be contributing to your lack of progress in fat and/or weight loss. I will cover some more of them in the near future. For now, however, make sure you are handling the 5 things I talk about above.

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