Can Massage help with my frozen shoulder?

Posted on 30. Aug, 2010 by in Back to Health, Blog, Frozen Shoulder

Traditional therapy for frozen shoulder many times misses the mark on fully eliminating the frozen joint. Many traditional plans include stretching and some basic range of motion work. While both of these components are important, solid and successful frozen shoulder elimination programs cover not only stretching and range of motion, but also strengthening and targeted soft-tissue work.

I have gotten huge success from using forms of massage to treat frozen shoulder. Massage is a form of soft-tissue work that can do wonders for someone with a stiff shoulder. While many treatment programs do not use any kind of soft-tissue work or massage, incorporating it into the program can make all of the difference to the success of a patient.

When searching for a good frozen shoulder elimination program, find one that uses a well rounded approach and one that included soft-tissue work such as massage.

Check out the quick video below where I talk a little about the benefits of soft-tissue work with a frozen shoulder.

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