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Are you committed?

The other day, as I was pulling out of the gym where I train, I see a very large, obese man walking to his car. He is carrying a bag with a salad in it from the Salad Works store, which is on the far distant side of the plaza. This man parked his car in the very last spot of the entire parking lot about as far away from the salad works as you can possibly get. If I had to guess, I would say that he parked his car at least 200 yards from the Salad Works.

The interesting part is that the parking lot was not full whatsoever, it was pretty empty. There were spots everywhere, including many directly in front of the Salad Works. It seemed that this man, who was visibly overweight, CHOSE to park at the other end of the plaza, walk to the salad place, buy a healthy lunch and walk back. Maybe I read the situation wrong, but it appeared to me that his commitment was outstanding in his quest to lose weight. If he did this each day, or each time he parked somewhere, he would increase his general exercise by a ton, burn more and ultimately lose more weight. Now some would say that he should have been in that gym, on the treadmill, or lifting weights…that is real commitment. I do not agree. He was an extremely large man, who was obese. Just that walking was a full workout for him. He didn’t NEED to do it, but he chose to. I thought his commitment was obvious and pretty cool. He obviously took the first step in getting his weight under control. I only wished I had spoken to him and was able to help him on his journey. Maybe I will see him again.


I had a female client show up at 6:45 PM last night for her 7:00 PM appointment. She was there early to get some extra “cardio” work done. When she walked in, I could tell she wasn’t feeling well. Before she started, she told me how exhausted, and sick she was feeling. This woman proceeded to tell me that she has not been feeling well all week and was running on about 4 hours of sleep. The kicker here is that she is a new mother and works full time. She has been sick all week, run down, dealing with a new baby and a full schedule at work. Most people would have skipped the 7:00 PM workout and got caught up on some rest or life in general. Not her…She showed up and put a training session in regardless. I even tried to send her home. Knowing that she was not “right” and training would probably not be the best thing to do in her stare, she decided to stay anyway. Besides, when I suggested that she go home, I honestly thought she was going to unload on me. She was determined and committed to get some work in and she told me that she would regardless of whether I trained her or not. She felt better when she left and thanked me for training her. I thanked her for her commitment. From my perspective, she taught me much more that night about commitment and determination.


In the middle of an already long wrestling season back when I was in high school, my wrestling coach looked at us and told us something I have never forgotten about commitment… He noticed how run down most of us were. We have been cutting weight, training three times a day, getting up at 5:00 AM to run the cold streets of New Jersey in January, and not feeling much like practicing. He told us that if we only practiced, or trained on the days that we felt great, we would never really get anything done, would we? I always remembered that one line whenever I didn’t “feel” great. It’s true…rarely are you going to feel awesome every single day, but there is always work to be done and you need to find your commitment level and find a way to get it done. Back in those days of my wrestling career, I used to run those cold streets on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and many times New Years Day. People would see me and stare as if I was crazy. To me, my commitment level was the only thing making me go train. Would I rather have been inside, exchanging gifts, eating all kinds of holiday foods and relaxing with my family? Sure, who wouldn’t. However, at the time I was committed to being the best I could be and that had a price on it.

Whether you are trying to lose some weight,  be the best you can be in your sport, or just feel better, ask yourself how committed you are to that goal and what you are willing to sacrifice to get there. How committed are you? You might be surprised at your answer.

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