Do I need surgery to get rid of my frozen shoulder?

Posted on 24. Aug, 2010 by in Back to Health, Blog, Frozen Shoulder

Probably the most common question that I have heard regarding frozen shoulder, is whether surgery is required to totally get rid of the frozen joint? While I will say that some people will probably need surgery based on their particular circumstance, the real answer that I give is probably not. The majority of frozen shoulder cases that I have seen and worked with, did not need surgery. Many were told they would by physicians, but through a good, well rounded therapy program, they were pleased to find out that their frozen shoulder was cured with no surgery at all.

In most cases frozen shoulder is not treated the right way. Many people grow frustrated because of poor therapy programs or lack direction and surgery becomes their best option. In the end, I always tell people to give a good frozen shoulder elimination program a try. Many are surprised at the progress they make even when they thought it was hopeless without a surgical intervention.

Check out the video below where I briefly discuss surgery, over the counter medication, and other methods that people try to rid themselves of frozen shoulder.

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