How do I know if I have Frozen Shoulder?

Posted on 06. Sep, 2010 by in Back to Health, Frozen Shoulder

Most people know when they have a frozen shoulder.  Although it is dangerous to self-diagnose, it can become pretty clear when you shoulder is no longer operating as it should that you may have a frozen shoulder. While many physicians would argue that a true frozen shoulder is only diagnosed with certain tests and symptoms, when your shoulder no longer can move and you are living with intense pain when any movement is attempted, you know you may have a frozen shoulder. At the very least, you may be heading in that direction.

Frozen shoulder can occur for many reasons, but I have seen many people lose the ability to move their shoulder pretty quickly after an injury to the joint. Pain and immobilizxation for an extended period of time can bind the shoulder up and lead to this condition.

So, how do you know when you truly have frozen shoulder. Honestly the best way to know for sure is to be seen my a physician and get a real diagnosis. However, in my experience, losing any kind of motion in your shoulder joint for an extended period of time can be a form of a frozen shoulder and like I already mentioned, lead to it eventually.

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