I failed my clients…

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I failed my clients…

Let me explain:

Client “A”, as I will call him, has lost a ton of weight since working with me, has gained a bunch of solid muscle, and feels better than he ever has before. He looks great and has a world of self-confidence that he did not have before. So what is the problem? How could I have failed him? Seems like a success, right? Wrong!! Although all of those things are true, I still failed my client. You see, the physical part of this is easy. Getting people to lose large amounts of weight, putting on muscle and making people feel better is cake for me. It’s easy…like play. I am good at it.

Preparing my clients for the fallout of having such a grand body and beaming with incredible confidence is where I went wrong. I never prepared client “A” for what would happen next. I never sat him down and discussed the psychological and emotional ordeals he now has to contend with on a daily basis. Now, he walks with confidence…he wears tighter fitting shirts, approaches women at bars and night clubs, he is a total chick magnet. Client “A” simply has ‘game’ now. He is ‘the man’ and walks the walk with grace, style and a buff new body.

I neglected to prepare him for the constant barrage of women hitting him up on his cell, “accidentally” scraping up against him in crowded bars, and even the ever so often mid-night encounters from the foreign El Salvadorian call girls who seek guys like him out.

I failed him. With bigger biceps, and a smaller waist, I should have prepared him for what would come next. Parties, women, new clothes, style, grace, confidence, the occasional STD, popularity, and the list goes on…these are things he needed to know, and I failed to prepare him. If only it isn’t too late.

Client “B” as I will call her has other problems, and yea…all due to the fact that she was not prepared by me, her trainer. Client “B” lost a considerable amount of weight, and became stronger than she could have even imagined. She is near 50 years old and doing the things an athlete would do. She looks great, feels better than ever and has the energy of a teenager. She was not prepared for this change and was not prepared for what followed. Client “B” went to her Mexican destination of choice last week and was cluster-bombed with compliments, praise, shock and awe over her new, thinner, buff body. She was the life of the party. She was healthier than ever, and because of all of this, not ready for the new “her.” She was asked and made to dance each night, sometimes on the bar tops. She did so with energy and little effort. She stayed up late and ate more than ever, not gaining an ounce. She was just way too fit for her friends.

How could I have done this? Two of my best clients are now different people. They are transformed all for the better and yet, not prepared for their new lives. I can only hope that they adjust well and while still making progress, find a way to adapt to their new bodies and new sense of well being.

The message is clear…I need to start counseling all of my clients now. I need to prepare every one of them for what is to come next. I need to prepare them for the financial burden of buying new, smaller clothing, while preparing them mentally for the new confidence and attitude they will have. They need to be ready for the looks they will get, and for the energy, they will have. These people need to be emotionally set before all of this takes place. I hope I learned my lesson from client “A” and client “B” well. I hope I will be a better trainer and make sure that all of my clients are ready for the world once I am done with them. I hope that it’s not too late to save those two and get them the support they need.

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  1. D-Rock

    24. Feb, 2009

    Three years ago I underwent a similar body transformation, dropping a little over 90 pounds in weight.

    Until very recently, my mind could not accept its new, thinner body and was not prepared for the social and emotional impact loosing so much weight brought on.

    I strongly believe that the psychological, emotional and social health of our clients are just as important (if not more so) than their physical health.

  2. JMJ

    24. Feb, 2009

    Good reminder Keith. I always try and get my clients excited in the beginning by letting them know how great it’s going to feel when the start getting compliments. But I like the angle you present about it changing their entire lifestyle, from buying different clothing to the mental aspect of a body transformation. Thanks for the post.

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