In-home ‘self-rehab’ programs have their advantages

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Many people have been through weeks or months of physical therapy to treat their chronic pain or injuries, only to have their hopes diminished in a flash when their insurance runs out and they have to discontinue their treatments. It is an all too common theme in the therapy world. Others find relief quickly and find that the pain returns within a week after they are discharged from their therapist. Rising co-pays, scheduling difficulties and lack of choice in physical therapists can make the physical therapy route a ‘painful’ one for sure. While a good physical therapist is worth his/her weight in gold for people that need pain relief and rehabilitation, many times it just never works out the way you want.


The good news is there are other options for people looking for relief of their pain, and a conclusion to their long lasting ailments. In addition, these options don’t require insurance, won’t become scheduling problems, and the patient can always go back for additional treatment any time they want or feel the need to do so.

In-Home ‘Self-Rehab’ is a reality

When people are in pain or realize that they have an ailment, many turn to the internet to seek out answers to their problems and what options they have. Traditionally, the road to relief is a long one that involves referrals from a family doctor to a specialist, who then refers to a physical therapist, who then gives you a certain amount of treatment, which depends on which type of insurance you have or don’t have. It is rarely a smooth process and never a fun one. However, what many people are finding today is that other, ‘non-traditional’ forms of treatment or therapy are available online. Physical therapists, trainers, and even doctors have recognized the problems with the traditional process and are realizing that they can offer up the same or even better treatment options to people that can be done at home, alone with great results. 

With the advancement in video production and video streaming on the internet, programs are being offered to people instantly, where with a few clicks of the mouse the ‘rehab’ process can be started almost immediately.  Other programs offer online video streaming AND a DVD package, which allows people to have their ‘virtual’ therapist on their TV, right in front of them. 

The advantages of this kind of “therapy” are numerous. As was mentioned already, there are no insurance hassles, referral issues, loss of therapy sessions, time constraints, or scheduling conflicts. In addition, the patient can always come back to a session or exercise and repeat the program anytime they want.  This last point is essential for people that are battling ailments such as ‘frozen shoulder’, chronic back pain, rotator cuff tendinitis, and other long lasting problems.  It is like having your very own therapist at home with you anytime you want or need.

Following in the Fitness world’s footsteps

You have seen the infomercials on weekends at late at night. In-home exercise and fitness programs that can get you in the best shape of your life in 90 days are extremely successful and popular today…and guess what? They are working for many people out there, sometimes better than going to the gym and hiring a personal trainer. The rehab and therapy world is paying close attention and has finally started to recognize the same kinds of benefits and success stories with people in need of in-home therapy systems for their pain relief and physical rehabilitation. With carefully produced videos and guided instructions, at-home, self-rehab is effective and in many cases a much better alternative for people.

Wrapping it up

Not all people have access to a good, qualified physical therapist. Others have health insurance problems, and finally, some people just cannot make it to therapy appointments when they are scheduled. At-home, self-therapy programs can be very valuable to many people looking for permanent relief from their pain and long-lasting physical ailments. When looking for a good at-home program, it is important to find a program that was produced by someone that is qualified and has plenty of experience in dealing with the issues that you have. Also, it is essential that you make the process as convenient as possible…whether it is watching the program on your computer, or using your DVD player and TV. People can get the same or better results from the comfort of their own home, and on their own time, with the ability to go back and do any of the exercises that they need to do, whenever they want or need to do them.

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