No Middle anymore

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Sometimes in life you have to take a stand…one way or another. You have to pick sides…you have to make a choice and once you do, you have to run with it.

There can’t always be a middle. There can’t always be a safe zone. Sometimes you have to take a chance and go for it. Staying in the “middle” might be the safe call, but it won’t get you where you want to go. Taking the risk…picking one side, and finally going for it, ultimately will.

In the fitness and training world, too many people are afraid to take risks and just go for it…and this ultimately leaves people standing still, not reaching their goals and never making progress. It is a mindset, and one that needs to be changed to get what and where you want.

“Going for it” and taking the risk, big or small, is what separates successful people from the others. You either “do” or you watch other people “do.”

People that live in the middle are always “comfortable,” but usually not always happy. People that leave their comfort zone on a regular basis, grow more, achieve more and at the end of the day, are happy more. It is a choice.

Living in the “Middle”

People in the middle cannot lose those extra pounds, because it is too uncomfortable to eat less, or exercise more.

People in the middle never really get stronger, because adding extra weight to the bar, or doing a few extra sets is uncomfortable.

People that live in the middle never really commit to a training program, coach, or training class…because, if they do, it might mean harder work, more ‘pain’ and cost too much.

People that hang out in the middle wait until New Years to finally make a change, but never actually stick to it.

Middle dwellers see the danger in lifting weights or doing a fat loss class, because it might hurt.

Middle people are always waiting for the right time, instead of just getting up, and going for it.

“There ain’t gonna be any middle anymore!”

In my 20 plus years working with people, I have realized that there are a few different kinds of individuals out there. There are the “middle dwellers” that play it safe and never go one direction or the other very long. And while, there is nothing wrong with that, they are also the people that complain the loudest about not making progress, not seeing results, living in pain, and just not being happy about their present condition. The other kind of person is the risk taker. These people just go for it. And while sometimes these people can overdo it, they are never satisfied unless they are full speed ahead, going where they want and must. These people are usually much more successful not only in life, but also in the gym. They are stronger, make progress faster, lose fat faster, and are always more fit.

Fortunately, there is a third kind of person too. These are the middle dwellers that finally see the light…get a taste of what could be…see what it means to just go for it, and in an instance, they are no longer happy in the middle. The cool thing, for a guy like me, is helping people realize this and watching them transform their body’s quickly and become different people. I have had the pleasure of helping many people go from living in the middle, to being what I would call, “fitness or training risk takers.” These people get a glimpse of what it is like to go for it, and what it is like to achieve more than they ever thought possible. It then becomes a hunger inside of them. When this happens, my job is easy, and a whole lot more fun!

Leaving the middle and going for it…

How does someone that has been living in his or her own comfort zone for so long, finally escape and just go for it? The simple answer is you just have to take that chance and do it. Whether it is picking up the phone and making an appointment to sign up for training, joining the boot camp class at the local gym, hiring a coach, or just committing to a training partner and getting into a regular schedule, the bottom line is to start the process…today. Waiting keeps you in the middle. You will come up with 100s of excuses, and reasons why you just can’t do it right now and before you know it, months have passed, pounds have been put on, and you are deeper in the rut than ever before. The hardest step is the first.

Get out of the self-imposed comfort zone, take a chance, and go for it…leave the middle. Once you do you might never be the same.

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