Short Term and Long Term Results are not equal

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When looking to improve your health and fitness at any level or in any area, it is important to look at the consequences or results of our actions both in the short term and in the long term. Understanding the how and why behind our actions and more so, the results of those actions will give us better insight into exactly why we are or are not getting results and being successful.

It is only when we really understand and see what those short term and long term results will be that we can make the best choices for ourselves and ultimately be a success.

Sound confusing? Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Let’s say that you are going to “cheat” on your diet. You know you are not supposed to eat that piece of cake or have that ice cream, but for whatever reason, you want it at this moment, so somewhere in your brain, you rationalize that it will be ok to cheat and have the cake. In the short term, the result will be pleasure. The sweetness, the texture, the taste of the chocolate, etc… whatever it is that you like about the cake will be front and center for that short term moment. The short term result once again, is pleasure. Now, let’s shift to the long term result of that action…after the sugar rush subsides, and the taste goes away, you are left with what? Some memories at best, but the long term results are usually not so good. You now have a stomach of processed sugar, fat and who knows what else. Extra calories, extra fat, sluggishness, etc… are the long term result of that very same action that gave you such pleasure in the short term.

This is pretty obvious, huh? Of course it is, but what I am trying to point out is that we somehow miss this very kind of thinking when it comes to making choices regarding our health and fitness.

Here is another example:

You might hate going to the gym and starting your workout. Or, for whatever reason today, you feel tired and unmotivated. You decide to skip the gym and “rest.” In the short term, you can go home, take a nap, eat your lunch, and not have to worry about trying to get it going in the gym today. Short term is that you feel rested and non-stressed. The long term result of that same action means less calories burned, less muscles worked,  and most likely, less energy throughout the rest of the day. A simple decision to skip your workout gave you small amounts of pleasure in the short term, and more problems physically in the long term.

How about we look at this in the opposite side of the coin.

Let’s say you hate eating a certain vegetable each day. However, you know it is necessary and good for you, but you just hate it anyway. Regardless, you manage to choke down your veggies. In the short term, it was a nasty experience. For a few minutes you had to eat down some not so tasty veggies. It was an unpleasant experience, but you managed to do it anyway. In the long term, the same action will result in much better health. That few minutes of nastiness will result in you getting many benefits: necessary fiber, vitamins, minerals, cancer fighting enzymes, etc…

So, what is the point? The point is to gain awareness of your habits and of yourself so you can be successful in your fitness and health goals. It will never work if you don’t gain that awareness first. Understanding the short term and long term results of an action will help you choose better and therefore help you get where you want to get. Many people don’t see how short term and long term results are almost always opposite, and because of this, continue to make poor decisions.

Think before you cheat on your nutritional plan. Think both short term and long term. Think before you skip your training session, on what is the prize in the short term and whether it is worth it in the long term.

The “good” result will not always be fun, but once you understand the bigger picture, it will make your decision making a little easier and hopefully better.

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    thanks for the information, I’ll be making the necessary changes thanks to your tips

    i enjoyed the post, you have a nice site.

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