The Power of One

Posted on 29. Mar, 2011 by in Motivation


Sometimes it only takes one instant, or one moment to change things:

  • ONE decision to make a change in your life

  • ONE person that says the right thing to get you going

  • ONE time that your cold doesn’t get in the way of your training

  • ONE time that you say NO to that dessert or cocktail

  • ONE more rep that you squeeze out when you think you cant do another

  • ONE time you get up a little earlier to get your training session in or plan your healthy meals

  • ONE other person that you share your fitness goals with

  • ONE friend that can bring the best out of you

  • ONE person that believes in you

  • ONE goal that gets you out of bed and in the gym

  • ONE playlist that would help you run through a wall

  • ONE training weight that you never thought you would be able to lift

  • ONE training session that you never thought you would be able to get through

  • ONE time that your focus is greater then the gossip and the chatter

  • ONE moment when you realize that you are one of the lucky people

  • ONE time that you work hard without needing someone else to motivate you

  • ONE day that you decide that today will be the greatest day of your life

  • ONE training session that you decide will be the best you have ever had

  • ONE time when talking will not be as important as your goals

  • ONE night when you go to sleep knowing you gave it everything you had

  • ONE day when you realize that your past doesn’t matter anymore

  • ONE training session that you don’t look at the clock

  • ONE day that you decide you will not complain about anything

  • ONE day when you learn that going backwards is not an option anymore

  • ONE day that you realize how you look, feel and perform in the summer depends directly on what you did in the winter

  • ONE weekend when you are in charge

  • ONE day when you realize that training and working out is a part of your life and will be forever
  • ONE moment that you change your life forever.

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