What else can you do besides stretching to cure a frozen shoulder?

Posted on 02. Sep, 2010 by in Back to Health, Blog, Frozen Shoulder

Is stretching the only thing that can be done for frozen shoulder? Of course not, however so many programs only include a stretching component into their plans. These programs miss the boat when it comes to curing frozen shoulder. While stretching is very important, it alone will have little chance of getting rid of a frozen shoulder.

Good frozen shoulder plans include strength training of not only the muscles in the shoulder, but also the muscles that surround and influence the shoulder joint. Strengthening these muscles is an important key to getting normal function back into the shoulder. This is especially important when someone has lost motion over a longer period of time.

Beyond strength and stretching is also range of motion. Which, by the way, is different than stretching. Range of motion is the ability of the joint to move in all directions. Having a good plan that addresses this is important.

The bottom line is a good, solid frozen shoulder elimination program needs all of these components as well as a few more to be truly successful.

In the video below, I discuss this topic a little more.

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