What’s your inspiration?

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I found mine when I was 10 years old, I think. Every time I hear the music, I drift into a memory of me, in my basement, doing 100s of sit-ups, push-ups and shoulder raises. I would follow those up with 20 minutes of jump roping and then off to hit my speed bag. I trained with fury and I was destined to become as great as I could. No, I was not training for boxing, and although I was a wrestler, I did this in the summer when wrestling was over. So, why would the theme music of the movie Rocky inspire me to train as hard as I could, in my basement every night, when other kids were playing games, or watching TV? To this day, I am not sure why. I do know this however, that movie inspired me and caused me to take action.

For whatever reason, I somehow identified with the Rocky character and it made me do things that I would not normally do. My parents did not stop me, although they probably thought I was strange. My friends did not join me…they did not know I was even doing those things. It didn’t matter to me. That movie (and that music) drove me to take my old cassette tape recorder, put it in front of the TV and record the pivotal scenes in the movie, so I could use it to train. Four, double-D batteries, and the volume cranked up as loud as one of those cassette tape recorders could go, would keep me going for over an hour each night.

What is your inspiration? The mind controls everything we do. Everything! We all make excuses to why we are not training or working out. We all come up with great reasons why we are fat, why our knees still bother us, or why we just cannot make it to the gym. All of the excuses in the world really don’t matter, because none of them really control why we do what we do. Our minds do. It is that simple. Find a good enough reason, and you will do what needs to be done. If it is not being done, you don’t have good enough reasons.

Dealing with people of all ages and backgrounds, I have learned a lot over the years about human behavior, and even more about motivation. I trained athletes for a good portion of my career and even those athletes needed constant motivation to keep going.

Find your inspiration. It could be as simple as a movie, a song, a person that gets you going. Maybe your family needs you to be as good as you could possibly be. Maybe you are a grandparent in waiting and need to be as healthy as you can be for that one day when you are given that child to hold and help care for. Do some soul searching, come up with your inspiration, and use it to make your mark.

Write down 10 reasons WHY you need to workout, and/or change your diet and get fit. Keep this sheet of reasons somewhere you can see it everyday. Read it everyday. Use it to inspire you. Use it to take action. Use it to help get you where you need to be.

2 Responses to “What’s your inspiration?”

  1. kim

    25. Feb, 2008

    Thank god their is someone like you writing an article most people can relate to. I have been into fitness most of my life and it sickens me to see all the lazy unhealthy fat people in the world. Stop making excuses, put the bag of cheetos down and go for a walk, lift weights, swim…anything but another reason why you can’t be your best!

  2. Dino

    26. Mar, 2008

    Basically,my own fitness goals are my source of inspiration.Other sources like movies and good music,also inspire me a lot.

    I really liked the Rocky series,every movie has a messege that motivates you to do well and not give up.

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